The 5 types of entrepreneurs

Perhaps you hadn’t realised it just yet, but just like there are different types of writers, or different types of artists, there are also different types of entrepreneurs – 5 types of entrepreneurs, in fact.

Sure, each entrepreneur shares one thing in common – the desire to be so good at what they do, that they customarily create the kind of freedom in their life and work that many employees just don’t have – but the way in which they go about this, and their mindset is often very different.

You might not think there is any point in being labelled a certain kind of entrepreneur, but if you’re struggling to make progress, and aren’t sure why your business hasn’t taken off in quite the way you would have liked, it could actually be a good thing to take a look at the type of entrepreneur you are – and the type of entrepreneur you’d prefer to be.

The Copycat EntrepreneurTypes Of Entrepreneurs

The Copycat Entrepreneur is pretty much self-explanatory: They see what others are doing and copy them. Same website, business cards, clothes, and even the same brand identity. Instead of copying, why not look at modelling your business off someone else’s? Out and out copying is not only bad etiquette, but it’s probably the case that what works for someone does not work necessarily for you.

The Sceptical Entrepreneur

These types of entrepreneurs are the ones who are usually naturally pessimistic. They just don’t see how huge success is possible. This attitude pretty much goes against the concept of entrepreneurship, and if you’re a sceptic about success, you’re pretty much on a hiding to nothing from day one.

The Research Entrepreneur

The Research Entrepreneur is in some parts a product of The Lean Startup. Rather than taking action and getting a finished product to market, these types of entrepreneurs prefer to do lots of prior research and testing. They research every scenario, cover all the bases – but can easily get stuck in research hell. Sometimes, it’s better to just get a good product out there and see if it floats.

The Determined Entrepreneur

The Determined Entrepreneur has a will-to-win that, more often than not, will see them succeed. They might not quite be there yet – but they will be eventually. Determination is one of the key strengths you need if you’re going to succeed as an entrepreneur, and if you haven’t got it – you’ll be facing a lifetime of “what if’s?”

The Accomplished Entrepreneur

The Accomplished Entrepreneur is the one who has achieved success. They have started from the bottom and climbed to the top, learning everything and anything along the way. No longer in the startup phase, they can now scale their business and work towards creating a legacy that leaves them fulfilled and satisfied with their lot in life.

Knowing more about the kind of entrepreneur you are can help you to better achieve your goals. If you’ve been lacking a bit of determination lately, become a determined entrepreneur! If you’ve been stuck in research hell for the last year, aspire to become an accomplished entrepreneur. Above all, it’s cool to remember that all successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common – a will to win.

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