How to live like the rich, but not spend a lot

Do you long to live like the rich without spending a lot? Well listen up, because there is a way. But you have to have a plan and be conscious of your life style. But it can be done.

What do you think of when you think of how to live like the rich? Do you think of big houses, fancy cars, exotic vacations, and fine dining? Do you think of knowing about wines and savouring delicacies? Do you want to be well travelled and well read?

There is a way to life like the rich without having to spend a lot, at least relatively speaking. Here are some hints to help you live like the rich but pay a little less for it.

Be a savvy shopper – If you want to wear the right clothes and shoes, have the right handbag, and give the look of the wealthy, you will need to learn how to be a savvy shopper and not pay fullLive like the rich price. You can find sales, go to outlets, and use things like Scoopons to help you get stylish fashion while paying less than full price to do so.

Uniquely vacation – When everyone is going to Cancun and Disney World, the rich go to Costa Rica or Spain. So how do you go to these fantastic vacation spots without breaking the bank? Shop the travel specials, find the best airline deals to help pick the spot, go in the off season, and book well in advance. This will help you find great destination for much less. You can then find off-the-beaten-path places to stay outside the cities to stay for even less again.

Buy pre-owned vehiclesSo you want to drive a Mercedes or Lexus? Buy a pre-owned car to significantly lower your purchase price. Go a step further and lease your vehicle to make your monthly payment even more manageable. There are always options!

Splurge on the little things – Get a manicure, drink some gourmet coffee, and buy that expensive perfume or cologne. Add a little bling to your wardrobe with a lovely piece of jewellery. These little things will help you appear to others that you do in fact live like the rich, and will make you feel the same.

Regardless of your budget, most people can live like the rich, by simply adding a few luxuries to your life and learning to speak the way they do. It’s all in the way you talk the talk, and walk the walk!

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